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The communication systems we offer our clients are adapted to the needs of the end users. We offer products and services of quality which can satisfy the expectations of our diversified clientele. Whether it be for components, configurations, installations, or technical support our clients benefit at all times from the expertise of our engineering team thereby allowing the former to benefit from the optimal performance of their respective communications systems.

Our engineering team possesses a vast expertise within the domain of radio communication and IP networks, an expertise that allows them to design and conceive systems for the new digital platforms. These systems offer the possibility to combine a multitude of program applications whilst conserving the priority for voice communications. This increase in capacity requires that our team members remain abreast of the latest technologies in order to be positioned to provide you with a system’s full potential!

Amongst others here are some of the services our engineering team is able to provide:

  • Design of systems based on a client’s needs
  • Design of a radio network architecture
  • Exterior and Interior radio coverage
  • Compiling on-site readings
  • Analysing coverage trials and simulations
  • Planning out system components
  • Coordinating the installations
  • Measuring and verifying result
  • Single or multiple digital site
  • Conception of IP network, routers, LAN, VLAN for radio communication
  • Dispatch systems
  • GPS systems
  • Messaging systems
  • Work order systems

Frequently asked questions:

  • What can I do with a new radio system?
    Did you know that you can communicate with your team, follow the progress of your vehicles with a GPS application, emit work orders for your team members, and activate different mechanisms all from a simple walkie-talkie? Contact us now to provide your firm with the best tools available on the market!

  • Why choose a digital radio system from CTM?
    There exists a number of applications that can be integrated to a MOTOTRBO communication system. Motorola offers a large array of applications which permits the optimization of a new digital radio communication system. Imagine how it would feel if you could communicate by voice or text, transmit your GPS coordinates, log all events, and emit work orders all through one piece of equipment! Our engineering team designs and conceives wireless communication systems which propel a wide panoply of unique applications.

  • How does one determine if a communication system will adequately function in your work environment? Will there be dead zones?
    Our engineering team utilizes a methodology based on an expertise unique in Eastern Canada. Our expertise in radio communication allows us, as we take into account your work environment, to simulate, document, and produce reports that will accurately predict the performance of your future radio system. Once the installs completed, we guarantee the coverage predicted by our simulations!

  • Did you know that a radio communication system is easily adaptable?
    No matter which digital system you use or which you wish to procure, our team can offer you a unique expertise in network design. In order to exploit the full potential of your system call on our team!

  • Purchase

    Our expertise allows us to provide customized solutions suited for your current and evolving needs, thereby providing your firm with an advantageous return on investment!

  • Rentals

    The extensive amount of inventory we carry, harmonized with our expertise, can meet the needs of any major event, either of short or long duration; success guaranteed!

  • Coverage

    Energized by the MototrboTM platform, our radio communication network is designed to meet the evolving needs of our clientele. In partnering with this network you will profit from the use of a versatile system that will allow you to operate with peace of mind!

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