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Motorola 2-way radio

Motorola radio accessories

CTM has a vast inventory of Motorola radio accessories, of which we are the authorized dealer. Each Motorola radio accessories can withstand the rigors of the weather; from our comfortable earpieces, and microphones to our famous rugged Motorola batteries, with our discreet surveillance kits and speakers. They also have features of the latest technology. At CTM, our team of certified professionals can assist you to make the best choice for your Motorola radios accessories that will meet all of your radio rental requirements.

Our selection Motorola radio accessories include:

• Motorola antennas
• Motorola batteries
• Motorola battery chargers
• Motorola Call Boxes
• Motorola transport solutions
• Motorola headphones
• Motorola Headsets
• Motorola speakers and microphones
• Motorola distant speakers and microphones
• Motorola surveillance accessories
• Motorola Vehicle Accessories