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About Motorola

Founded in September 1928, Motorola Company is the result of the incorporation of Galvin Manufacturing Corporation. In the early 1930's, Motorola car radios are sold in commercials areas. The invention of the first walkie-talkie, Motorola SCR536 in 1940 is only the beginning of significant innovations for the American company. Back then, mobile communication devices were used in the military only. Afterwards, Motorola Company expands to international level and change the wireless communication field. Transport sector adopts wireless communication in order to improve their productivity and efficiency. Over the years, wireless communication devices will gradually join in the residential, commercial and industrial sector. Motorola becomes a global recognized leader in resistant wireless communication devices.

Motorola Communication Products

Although divided in health, education and industries sectors, Motorola products related to radio rental are as diverse as performing. A wide range of devices, from walkie-talkie to repeater station are available at Motorola; which ensures its customers of the highest technology. Motorola products also constitute a model in the public safety industry. In the case of a public security intervention, Motorola is the solution you need. Mototrbo innovations revolutionize the notion that we can have of wireless communication. It presents itself as a range of merchandise that is useful in areas such as industries, health and tourism. This line regroups several portative models, adapted to one reality in particular. Whether it is XTS/XTL series for public safety or XPR series for commercial and industrial applications, Motorola will offer communication devices that will suit your expectations.

Motorola services

Being focused on the effectiveness and performance of its numerous innovations, Motorola develops a customer-oriented product, through its authorized dealer, CTM. In order to create the best possible relationship with the customer, Motorola has developed an impressive dealer network, which goal is to simplify the customer's experience. Concerned to maintain Motorola's reputation with professionalism, CTM offers technical support, repair and install services, corresponding to the excellence values promoted by Motorola.

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