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About Mototrbo

MOTOTRBO platform allows you to join your team, regardless of where it is. Our busy lifestyle requires a fast response time. You are a transportation company, and your service provider changes its route at the last minute, and you must inform the drivers? Created to respond to all sectors' needs, whether it is transport, hotels, conference or paramedical services, MOTOTRBO technology will ensure digital audio quality, rapid response and flexibility for data applications. Created in the innovative spirit of Motorola, MOTOTRBO is the most efficient mobile communication system there is. Companies that have chosen to us MOTOTRBO devices for their daily operations have observed an increase of productivity, security, effectiveness of their workers.


The range of devices and accessories associated with the MOTOTRBO platform is an array of impressive combinations and permutations that will meet the needs of any industry. Whether you need an ultra-thin and discreet device for a corporate event, or a tough and resistant walkie-talkie for your industrial company, you will find the device you need. During your radio rental, we offer to accompany your device with Bluetooth audio accessories. Among the available wireless communication devices, you can find XPR and HT750 series, with the following accessories included:

• Headsets
• Microphones and speakers
• Accessories and transport cases
• Various antenna models
• Chargers

MOTOTRBO benefits

MOTOTRBO technology eases the life of all its users and adapts to their needs. Do you have an urgent event to organize? You must have an ultra-discreet wireless communication device in hand, which will allow sorting out all the details discreetly.

There are many advantages to use MOTOTRBO technology:
• Integrated GPS (on some models)
• Instant time response
• Clear voice regardless of location
• Flexible wireless network
• Integrated Bluetooth (on some models)
• Digital technology
• Digital applications

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