With over 50 years of experience to support us, we are pleased to offer you business solutions based on our core principles of dedication, professionalism, and creativity. Optimizing your communications services is our entry point towards building your business's success.

Because of our unique expertise…

Our firm has, over the past 50 years, developed a unique expertise with technologies offered by the most important manufacturers within the field of wireless communications. Our knowledge of each of these technologies permits us to identify the strengths of components necessary for the conception of wireless solutions. Our expertise allows us to integrate several products within one solution. Whether it is for end user equipment, software, or network components, our team designs and implements optimized solutions.

Because of our values…

CTM is a family enterprise employing 120 professionals located throughout Québec. The synergies which motivate our actions are based upon fundamental values: respect, mutual aid, personal growth. Our work ethic reflects each of those values the latter of which are shared by all members of our team.

Because our company is solid…

Our company has grown over the past ten years and has gained a leadership position within the wireless radio communication industry. Our team keeps abreast of the latest technologies and our continuous formation will ensure continuing success well into the future. As a leader in the field we anticipate the future with lots of enthusiasm.

Because it does not cost more…

Based on our responsible business model, CTM is able to offer service at competitive rates adapted for a competitive market. Our structure permits us to offer a professional solution with advantageous pricing.

Frequently asked questions:

  • When either your communication system fails or your radio communication equipment breaks down, do you have a partner who will permit you to quickly remedy the situation?
    When you deal with our team of 120 professionals you assure yourself of receiving the most congenial quality of service available in Eastern Canada.

  • Are your operations penalized when your equipment breaks down?
    The expertise of our technical and sales teams ensures quick and efficient responses. With over 10 000 radios in inventory we will support you during the repair periods.

  • Do you experience reception problems or intermittent systems failures?
    For complex or customized projects we are the only firm that can leverage off an experienced engineering department cumulating 40 years of expertise. Say goodbye to dead zones!

  • Do you have a quick question? Are you in need for answers in regards to your communication system?
    In order to provide congenial and accessible service, we automatically delegate a seasoned representative who will take care of your needs now and into the future.

  • Will it be advantageous for you to modernize your communication equipment?
    Our clients who have moved forward with a modernization of their radio equipment all confirm decreased operations costs, faster reaction times, optimal coverage, increased efficiencies, perfect communication!

  • How does it work?
    Imagine having a representative who will analyse all your needs, show up to study your work environment, meet your team members, and propose a solution which is compatible with your operational budget! We provide a congenial and participative approach.

  • Are you spending a fortune for your radio communication needs?
    Our responsible business model allows us to offer the most competitive pricing in the market.

  • Purchase

    Our expertise allows us to provide customized solutions suited for your current and evolving needs, thereby providing your firm with an advantageous return on investment!

  • Rentals

    The extensive amount of inventory we carry, harmonized with our expertise, can meet the needs of any major event, either of short or long duration; success guaranteed!

  • Coverage

    Energized by the MototrboTM platform, our radio communication network is designed to meet the evolving needs of our clientele. In partnering with this network you will profit from the use of a versatile system that will allow you to operate with peace of mind!

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