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Motorola CB Radio

Motorola CB Radio

Created in the 1940's, CB radio (Citizens Band acronym) is defined as a communication system between individuals scattered across multiple channels but connected on the same network. At its inception, it is mostly ordinary people who were using CB radio in their cars to exchange information. However, the CB radio became increasingly useful in commercial transport companies, taxi companies and public transportation. Subsequently, areas of public safety and emergency services have adopted the CB radios to communicate faster in ambulances, fire trucks and police vehicles. Smaller in terms of features, analog mode quickly gives way to digital technology that offers a wider range of applications. Not only have they facilitated communication between users, but increased business productivity. Motorola CB radio is an example of innovation and adaptability. CTM presents many models of Motorola CB radios, including Motorola Mototrbo range XPR 4000.

Motorola CB Radio Benefits

Nowadays, most CB radios operate in digital mode. However, analog Motorola CB radios systems with more limited applications, can easily meet the radio communication needs at a smaller scale, such as in agricultural enterprises and small transport companies. CB radio can also be a valuable asset when traveling over long distances aboard a car or truck. However, digital Motorola CB radio offers a selection of features that are much more flexible. Most Motorola CB radios offered by CTM have now integrated GPS functionality. CB radio Motorola includes a wide range of channels, with which you can split your team skillfully. "IP Site Connect" feature extends your network in several isolated areas or one large area larger. In addition, Motorola CB radio has a noise canceling application through which users can include in any environment, no matter how noisy it is. When you will make a radio rental (link), ask your CTM counselor to talk about the many ways to customize your Motorola CB radio, so it joins your requests to perfection.

Here are the Motorola CB radios models available at CTM:

Motorola MOTOTRBO XPR 4000
Motorola MOTOTRBO XPR 5000
Motorola XTL Series
Motorola CDM Series Radios
Motorola CM Series Radios

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As Motorola's authorized dealer, CTM offers several models of CB radios that are available for sale and radio rental (link). Do not hesitate to contact one of the three branches of CTM in Montreal, Quebec City and Gatineau. We also serve several cities in Ontario and Quebec.