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Radio communication

Motorola CB Radio

Radio communication takes root via two-way radios and CB radios. The radio communication method is performed using wireless transmission through the electromagnetic radiation of a frequency lower than the light, between 30 KHz to 300 GHz. Although the term "radio" goes back in the nineteenth century, it was not until 1920 before the radio communication truly communication systems. The most obvious example of radio communication's evolution is the creation of a walkie-talkie radio by Motorola Company in the 1940's. The contribution of Motorola technology in the field of radio communication cannot be ignored. Nowadays, most companies have a wireless radio system to ensure prompt follow-up with work teams often spread in isolated areas or on the road. Motorola two-way radios and walkie-talkie radios are assets of choice for organizations that want to diversify and customize the radio communication in their business.

Radio communication benefits

Radio communication is both a fast and effective way to transmit information, voice and data to other users of the network. The integration of CB radios and walkie-talkie radios not only stimulates productivity, but ensures good communication between teams. Motorola Mototrbo technology, which includes many models of walkie-talkie radios and CB radios, allows the addition of features. GPS, integrated with most Motorola radios, can quickly locate users on your network. Do you work in a noisy environment, such as a construction site or industry? Equip your Motorola radio with "Intelligent Audio" a feature that suppresses the ambient noise. Are your teams scattered in remote areas or are they on the road? IP Connect Plus application can link dispersed places so that each user is connected to the network. With the team of CTM, Motorola's authorized dealer, customize your radio communication system, taking into account your budget and your requirements.

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