CTM is proud to be able to offer advantageous and adaptable rental solutions. With over 10 000 radios in inventory and unconditional support, we are positioned to help any organization with its events focused activities. Whether it be to cover a film site, a banquet, a reception, a corporate event, a festival, etc... you will be in good hands because of our over 50 years of experience:

  • Large inventory of accessories (Mikes, discreet listening devices,
    light weight headset, etc.)
  • 24/7 service available
  • Long or short term contracts
  • Warranty on equipment with the exception of onsite physical breakage
  • Fiscal advantages

Walkie Talkie Rentals


Walkie-talkie rental

Whether it is for the industrial sector, an extensive event or residential needs, walkie-talkie rental can become a real puzzle. It is essential to evaluate your needs and expectations, concerning a walkie-talkie communication system. In order to complete your communication system, it is capital to determine your communicational configuration parameters. Our specialists' team will help you each step of the way, to leave nothing to chance.

About walkie-talkies

Origin of the word "Walkie-Talkie" comes from its application, which is talking while walking. The first walkie-talkie that was created was developed by Motorola in 1940. Motorola SCR-300 was designed for American soldiers to communicate. Since then, the technology has evolved at a phenomenal rate. Nowadays, the walkie-talkie, combined to digital technology allows multiple operations that are not related to communication such as GPS, Web interface, etc. Walkie-talkie now represents an option of an integrated solution.

Criteria to follow before walkie-talkie rental

First of all, it is necessary to consider the location where your professional activity will take place. Then, it is necessary to determine the ambient volume of this environment. Is it a show? An exhibit? A television set? A specific need in your business? What is the requisite cover? Inside? Outside? Reduced or long range? In each of these scenarios, it is crucial to confirm with our team what equipment will suit your reality the best.

Here are some other elements to consider before your walkie-talkie rental:

• Possibility to fix audio accessories
• Working environment
• Batteries durability
• Required cover

You wish to know more?

For more information concerning walkie-talkie rental, their use or on available model devices, do not hesitate to consult CTM specialists' team, who will respond to all yours questions.

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Why choose CTM for your walkie-talkie rental?

Service based on quality

CTM makes a point of honour to provide the best service to its diversified customers. Our team of specialists will gladly answer your questions concerning walkie-talkie rental and will provide an excellent service throughout the process.

Competitive prices

CTM offers you the most competitive prices on the market for your walkie-talkie solution. You can also choose among a variety of packages to efficiently achieve all your projects while respecting your budget.

High-performance equipment

Associated with internationally renowned company, Motorola, CTM offers you high-performance walkie-talkie that have long proven their efficiency and flexibility. These devices will meet your most demanding requirements in the radio rental sector.

Extended airtime service

CTM possesses an impressive network that regroups three main regions in Quebec, which are Quebec City, Montreal and Gatineau. Due to MOTOTRBO radios technology, powered by Motorola, it offers the option to add a GPS positioning service, for all of your radio devices, as well as a visual distribution service. Consult our online maps to know the extent of our network. Our network is also complemented with a wide range of simplex frequencies, which allows you to communicate outside of our digital network.

Professional technical support

CTM provides professional technical support for each sold or rent equipment. Our expertise regroups many sectors such as education and health, industries, transport and logistics, commercial area and even small or large events.

Personalized service for our customers

The excellence of our customer service is our trademark, and we have developed a strong cooperation with our customers. We will help you on every step of your walkie-talkie rental or purchase, in order to answer all your questions.

Do you have questions?

It is with immense pleasure that CTM team will respond to all your questions, with professionalism and accuracy, concerning radio rental, purchase or communication device repair. Do not hesitate to contact us by telephone to the toll free number: 1-888-286-6624 or by email for a free submission. Our specialists will answer you as soon as possible.

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