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Ingénierie et techniques

Communication Systems and Sites

CTM offers 24/7 technical support should your operations require a stable functioning communication system. CTM supports and maintains several public security systems, our own networks as well as our clients’ networks.


Upon purchasing new radio equipment or to restructure you existing communication scheme, our programming team will configure your radio fleet as per your requirements. New radio equipment is programmed within our facilities and, to simplify the process, CTM also offers the possibility to program your existing equipment directly within your facility. The programming is verified and tested before delivery.

Radio Communication Equipment Repairs

Whether it’s a walkie-talkie, a base radio or a mobile radio, our technical team is certified from all manufacturers to repair every piece of equipment. We ensure quick service delivery and provide replacement products to help you get through the duration of the repair.

Upkeep and Preventive Maintenance

CTM offers a comprehensive maintenance program to ensure that your equipment always functions at full capacity. Whether it be a simple cleaning, performance verification or a reconditioning of electronic components, our services help you prevent equipment breakdowns and thereby optimize your operations.

Mobile Installations

Our mobile installation team provides quality installations right at your facility. Each one of our vehicles contains the necessary equipment to complete all types of installs, no matter how complex: heavy machinery, vehicles, or radio bases.

Frequently asked questions

Call on us for technical support! We provide 24/7 service. Our technical team ensures the continuity of your system, whether it involves user equipment or the network you use.

CTM has 10 programmers to support your needs. The programming is completed in accordance with Industry Canada norms and in compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Erroneous programming always generates communication issues causing important disturbances. We offer a personalized programming service which respects the standards of the industry.

Did you know that the quality of communication does not only depend on the quality of the equipment being used but also on the excellence of the installation? All of our installations respect a strict company standard; one which protects your equipment, optimizes the ergonomics of the interior of the vehicle and, ultimately, one which guarantees the best results in terms of communications. All our installations are guaranteed!

For most of the more recent models of radios it is economically advantageous to repair equipment rather than to replace through purchase. Our repair fee along with our quick turnarounds represents your best option for repairs.

Through a preventive maintenance program our technical team verifies the condition of the electronic components of all your equipment which, in spite of not being visibly detectable, may have been damaged during usage. Supported by a team of over 50 technicians, CTM offers the most efficient preventive maintenance program on the market.

About our engineering team

Our engineering team possesses a vast expertise in radio communication and IP networks. An expertise that allows them to design and conceive systems for modern digital platforms. These systems offer the possibility to combine a multitude of program applications while conserving the priority for voice communications. This increase in capacity requires our team members to remain abreast of the latest technologies in order to be positioned to provide you with a system’s full potential!

The services offered by our team of engineers

  • Designing systems based on clients’ needs
  • Designing radio network architecture
  • Exterior and Interior radio coverage
  • Compiling on-site readings
  • Analyzing coverage trials and simulations
  • Planning out system components
  • Coordinating the installations
  • Measuring and verifying results
  • Single or multiple digital site
  • Conception of IP network, routers, LAN, VLAN for radio communication
  • Dispatch systems
  • GPS systems
  • Messaging systems
  • Work order systems

Frequently asked questions

No matter which digital system you use or which one you wish to procure, our team can offer you a unique expertise in network design. In order to exploit the full potential of your system, give us a call!

Our engineering team utilizes a methodology based on an expertise unique in Eastern Canada. Our expertise in radio communication allows us, as we take into account your work environment, to simulate, document, and produce reports that will accurately predict the performance of your future radio system. Once the install is complete, we guarantee the coverage predicted by our simulations.

There are many applications that can be integrated with a MOTOTRBO™ communication system. Motorola offers a large array of applications which permit the optimization of new digital radio communication systems. Imagine how it would feel if you could communicate by voice or text, transmit your GPS coordinates, log all events, and emit work orders all through one piece of equipment! Our engineering team designs and conceives wireless communication systems which propel a wide range of unique applications.

A new radio system can enable you to communicate with your team, follow the progress of your vehicles with a GPS application, emit work orders for your team members and activate different mechanisms all from a simple walkie-talkie. Contact us now to provide your firm with the best tools available on the market!

To buy or to rent?

Whether you want to rent two-way radios for a short-term project or purchase equipment for something more long-term, we have you covered.

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Our extensive digital network is fueled by Motorola’s MOTOTRBO™ technology. Discover the full extent of our network coverage.

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